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Yamino Hikari ~ The Light In The Darkness

enter my world of eternal darkness~~

13 April
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Otaku for several years, and lover of all things different. I'm a girl with a musical sound and a love for the stars. Astronomy and astrology are beautiful studies. I love anime and manga, they are a passion. I am a very dedicated roleplayer and cosplayer. I love hair; dying, cutting, styling, extensions, etc. It all works for me =D. I'm new to the gothloli world, but not new to how it works. I've studied it for so long, admired it, and longed to become a part of it (but not having money... of course... didn't help) ...but now i'm trying to get more into it! I'm a singer, an entertainer, and a Maid at the NYAF's maid cafe n_n I go to college in NYC and have lived in the city ALL my wonderful life <3~~~